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How to use our Sweet Fish Sauce Vinaigrette (Tuk Trey Pa-Im)

You may have recently purchased a bottle of our Sweet Fish Sauce Vinaigrette (Tuk Trey Pa-im) and not really know what to do with it yet. Hopefully, this blog post will give you a few ideas on how to use it.


This condiment is immensely popular in both Cambodian and Vietnamese cuisines. We use it to dress salads or as a dipping sauce for fresh rice paper rolls. One of the best ways in our opinion is to make a salad. In this blog post we will show you how you can zing up your lunch salads or impress your friends with this dish everyone will enjoy.

How to make Yuom (Khmer Style Cold Noodle Salad):

Gather and prepare your ingredients:

  • Cooked and shredded chicken breast (4oz)

  • Cooked and peeled shrimp (2oz)

  • Prepared vermicelli noodles (1 oz)

  • Shredded cabbage (4oz)

  • Sliced red and green bell pepper (4 oz)

  • Sliced red onion (1 oz)

  • Simply Khmer’s Sweet Fish Sauce Vinaigrette (4 oz)

  • 1 sprig of mint

  • Chopped lettuce (2 oz)

  • 3 Chili peppers (optional garnish)

  • Roast & Crushed peanuts (optional garnish)

Tips on Vermicelli Noodles:

Traditionally we use a type of noodle called mung bean thread noodles (aka glass noodles or cellophane noodles) The link below should help you find this type of noodle. If you are having trouble sourcing this ingredient, replace it with Korean Sweet potato noodles or angel hair pasta. Or simply leave it out.

Follow instructions on the package on how to prepare the noodles.

We recommend soaking in warm water for an hour until softened.

Once you’ve prepared all your ingredients:

  • Assemble in this order for the best result

  • In a large bowl toss to combine the prepared vegetables with the first half of the dressing (2 oz). *set aside the lettuce for plating*

  • After dressing the vegetables, add the meat, noodles and the rest of the dressing (2 oz). Toss to combine.

  • Plate your salad over a bed of chopped lettuce.

  • Garnish with roasted peanuts, chopped peppers and fresh mint leaves. Enjoy

Your finished product should look something like this.

If not don’t worry, we guarantee that it will taste delicious.

The best part of this recipe is that most of the ingredients can be substituted based off what you like.

If you want to leave out cabbage and replace it with shredded carrot do that. Get creative and add whatever you would like. As long as you have the vinaigrette dressing and assemble the vegetables, carbs and proteins in this order, you will get the result you want every time.

If you liked this recipe be sure to share it with your family and friends.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Hungry.

Simply Khmer Restaurant

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